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Our Mission

To design and build safety equipment that controls descent and enables rapid ascent through an Auto Belay.

Our Vision

To produce the safest equipment in the world with the lowest carbon footprint.

Our Background

After spending 25 years working for a major climbing equipment manufacturer, and experiencing first hand, climbing incidents and product failures, Liza decided to develop an auto belay system – Safedown.

Design and Build

It was important to us that this was designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK as all other auto belays on the market were from international manufacturers.

The Safedown auto belay was designed to be the top performing auto belay, with the fastest retraction speeds and a robust friction braking system. It also offers flexibility with changeable Dyneema ropes and the ability to be outfitted with a range of carabiner options.

Providing a first class service

We knew from the start that we wanted to not only provide a first-class safety device but also first class servicing support to all our distributors. We believe that safety is vital for all climbing facilities and at height industries, so we ensure that we proactively contacted all our clients prior to their annual re-certification. We also decided to offer an on-site service which reduced the amount of downtime on our clients’ climbing walls.”

Today our Safedown auto belay can be found at climbing centres around the world. We can regularly be found on site, removing, servicing and rehanging our devices – ensuring that customers can get back on the walls right away.

We have not only helped customers increase their traffic, but also save our clients money in servicing costs.”

Today, Liza with an experienced team of designers and engineers provide a market leading Auto Belay system and servicing support to customers around the globe.

We love climbing but are passionate about safety.

Find out what Safedown could do for your facility.


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