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Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Climbing

Want to climb, but don’t know where to start? Don’t understand the difference between lead climbing and auto belay? If you have never been climbing, the range of styles, equipment and jargon can all seem off-putting. But we love climbing and are passionate about climbing safely, which is why we’ve pulled together a fully comprehensive overview for beginners about how to get started climbing. 

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What is an Auto Belay?

You may have seen them in climbing gyms or heard about them, or may even use them - but may not really know what is going on inside these belay systems. Well, we breakdown and break apart the inner workings of an inner belay is this blog post. What you’ll learn from...

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Should you get a climbing wall?

Adding a climbing wall to your facility could boost profits, increase membership, and help build a community for all ages. The addition of an auto belay can also help increase programming options from solo training to birthday parties.

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Why do you need an auto belay?

Auto belays – automatic belaying systems have revolutionised indoor climbing around the world. But if you are still unaware about what an auto belay is and how it can benefit your business, then here are our top 10 reasons why your climbing gym or leisure facility need an auto belay.

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