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Designed for Climbers

The Safedown Auto Belay has been
designed from the ground up with the leisure climbing industry in mind.

Robust friction braking system

Using a tried and tested centrifugal braking system that has been utilised by the industrial & leisure height safety markets for over twenty years, combined with newly developed long-life friction surfaces, the Safedown offers a reliable braking system without the dust and frequent change of parts associated with older brake designs.

Zero Pull Ascension

In accordance with the IFSC standards for speed climbing devices, the Safedown exerts no pulling force on the climber.



User Changeable Dyneema Ropes

Our long life dyneema rope assemblies are available in five lengths from six to fifteen meters, and can be changed by the user when necessary.



Comfortable descent

Immediate brake engagement means no uncomfortable free fall. Large brake pad design gives a smooth, familiar descent.

Designed & Built in the UK

We are proud that the Safedown is designed and built in the UK. Every machined part of the Safedown comes from our manufacturing base in North Wales.

Generic components such as bearings are sourced locally, too. The final assembly and testing takes place in our workshop in North West England.

Weather Resistant

The Safedown’s weather resistant design continues to provides a safe descent speed in snow and showers, making it suitable for prolonged outdoor use on high ropes courses, adventure parks and outdoor climbing walls.

A Range of Carabiner Options

Our ropes can be outfitted with a range of carabiner options from DMM, including the standard triple action Sentinel carabiner, screwgate, twistlock and quad-action options. The carabiner is removable, allowing it to be moved to a replacement rope, saving cost, or changed in the event of damage or wear.

super fast retraction

With retraction speeds of up to 4.5 meters per second, the Safedown will outpace even elite climbers.

Lightweight Aluminium Design

Lightweight aluminium housing and drum make Safedown the lightest auto belay device on the market at under 12kg. Ideal
for frequent removal and rehanging for mobile climbing walls and high ropes courses. Great for climbing centres as can be regularly moved to allow solo climbers to explore different areas of your centre.

Widest range of climber weights

Tested for climbers from 10kg to 150kg, the Safedown is suitable for the widest range of users of any device available.



Low Downtime Servicing

With quick workshop turnaround and on-site servicing options, you don’t have to be without your devices for long when it comes time for your annual service. ​



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